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Chaser Bin Uses and Benefits

There's no time available to waste during harvest. Farmers who run a smooth operation know that transporting grain to market is key to optimum efficiency. Of the many chaser bin uses, the main one is to create a system to transport the grain without halting the combine. If the combine is continually cutting, then harvesting is done efficiently.

There are several benefits to utilising a chaser bin:

  • A single chaser bin can replace multiple tractors and trailers waiting to take a load of grain from the combine to store. Using one chaser bin streamlines the process rather than numerous tractors potentially getting out of sync and possibly causing a queuing jam at the grain store. You want your combine to be active during harvest! A single chaser bin provides a smooth transition from the field to the storage container, store, or trailer truck for transport.

  • The chaser bin can fill a road trailer in minutes. Faster operation means the grain gets to market sooner.

  • The combine never has to stop when there’s a chaser bin travelling beside it. The combine can focus on harvesting while knowing the chaser bin will fill its tank, deliver the load, and return for more.

The bottom line is that the chaser bin saves time, and that time translates into better profits for the farmer. If a farmer can cut 30 percent off the time to harvest, most will likely want to invest in this equipment.

New Features Increase the Chaser Bin’s Popularity

As technology advances, farmers have more streamlined designs to choose from to match their needs. Enclosed cabs, inspection windows, and cameras to monitor what is happening behind them all work as valuable assets. The combine operator can focus on what's ahead, not what is happening behind them.

Some combines come with cushioned footprints to minimise any soil disruption. Others offer a scale that you can set to tell what load amount you want. When it reaches that amount, it automatically stops.

Chaser Bin Options to Meet Your Needs

Depending on the capacity harvested, chaser bins range in size by the amount of grain they carry. When you buy NYREX chaser bins, you can choose from 18Y to 54T, and they all come with a 22-inch unload auger. Depending on your needs, you can also select from single, dual, or triple-axle chaser bins. You can even find chaser bins with compartments if you need to separate loads into different portions. All the designs and sizes make for a choice that can fit your budget and requirements.

Whatever your farm's needs, it's imperative to match the best options available to you. The size and scale of the chaser bin are easily adaptable to fit your job. While chaser bins are an additional cost to farm inventory, the savings you obtain in the long run will reduce total operating costs.

The modern farmer values efficiency and cost savings. Out of all the chaser bin uses, the one that stands out is its excellent return on investment seen in an increase in profitability.


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