Offset Disc

The GO-TILL offset discs are built according to heavy duty specs. This includes sealed bearings, gang axles, 24 to 28 discs, and a working depth ranging from 180mm to 220mm. 

Farmking Grader Blade

These grader blades are manufactured using more steel, which adds strength and durability. Available in multiple sizes with varying options, they are capable of tackling tough grading projects. 

Farmking Slasher

The slashers are made to clear those rough areas where stones, tree stumps and debris are hidden by weeds. The PTO includes a shear pin to protect the gearbox, and the chain kit minimises flying debris. 

Solco Solar Mill

Made in WA, these solar pumps are built to last. They are designed deliberately as a low-tech product for easy operation and maintenance. They require very little attention. Most system components are at ground level for easy access. The electrical parts are all "plug-in" units, so there is no need for any electrical expertise. 

On-Farm Weighbridge

On-farm trade approved weighbridges allows you to manage value coming or going through a weight check. Our weighbridges are calibrated, approved and verified by a licenced inspector. Different sizes for varying purposes, with trade approved displays & cells. Printers and recording devices are available too. 

roller 1.jpg

A swathroller compacts your swath by pushing it down, which reduces crop loss by preventing some of the wind scattering. Comes with standard adjustable roller height. Works well in combination with our Swather Carts.