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The V-shape is designed for minimum power requirement. The tine spacing is variable depending on the actual working task, with only the central tine being fixed. 

With up to 200mm positive soil lift, the HE-VA Deep Ripper can crack the sub-soil while still maintaining low soil inversion. 

Working depth is controlled by the packing roller, using the depth scale to inform the driver about the actual working depth. Maximum working depth is 600mm. 

he-va roller small.jpg

There are 5 different frame models, all fitted with hydraulic tines: 

- 3m & 4m linkage

- 5m, 6m, 7m hydraulic folding trailed models. 

For stone soil types we recommend a hydraulic automatic release system. A hydraulic cylinder is mounted on each tine, allowing the tine to swing if it hits immovable stones. It also functions as a shock absorber in stony soils. 

The V-profile roller has an aggressive approach to crushing clods and leaves the soil nice and even. 3 Pt Linkage models have a 600mm V-profile roller, and the trailed models come with a 700mm V-Profile roller. Effective scrapers are mounted between the rollers. 


HE-VA Deep Rippers come standard with 200mm wing points, which lift and loosen the soil in the chosen working depth. 


Delving plates can be fitted if you intend to bring soil up, but this will increase the required HP needed. 


Deep ripping is often used to break through a compacted pan or constraining layer, to allow roots access to water that is underneath this layer. It also helps roots to grow deep to access subsoil moisture. The HE-VA deep ripper is heavy duty, with optional hydraulic release system incase of rock strike.