Bredal Spreaders 

Save Time with Bredal Spreaders and Make a Hard Task Easier

Could Bredal spreaders offer a dependable solution for streamlining important but tedious agricultural tasks on your farm? Whether you need to adjust soil acidity, enrich the ground with new nutrients, or even spread seed, Bredal is the name to note. Leaders in their industry, there are many reasons to consider adding one to your arsenal of tools. At Burando Hill, we're proud to provide our services as a dealer to help you locate the equipment suitable for the task. 

The Benefits of Using a Bredal Fertiliser Spreader from Burando Hill
Why Bredal? It's an important question, and likely to be one of the first you ask when you begin considering a Bredal K85 for sale. Our extensive experience with this hardware has shown us that there are many benefits to enjoy. With Bredal, you can:

  • Achieve coverage results that are more extensive than those delivered by other solutions. Bredal spreaders exhibit some of the best engineering in the industry to provide spreading patterns that are more effective and more efficient with the amount of fertiliser you have. Avoid over- or re-fertilising areas with ease. 

  • Spread more than just fertiliser. In fact, that functionality is merely the tip of the iceberg. Whether sand or lime or another powdery, granular substance, Bredal tow-behind spreaders can continue to disperse the product accurately and with fewer stoppages.

  • Rely on equipment that stands the test of time — even after years in harsh Australian conditions. 

What You Can Expect from Burando Hill's Bredal Spreaders for Sale

Choosing a supplier is about more than merely finding a business with the hardware that interests you in stock and available for purchase. The best experiences begin when you and your supplier can regard one another as partners. To that end, here is what you can expect when working with us to procure equipment:

  • A selection of equipment broad enough to meet a range of requirements now and well into the future. Opt for tow-behind units or a more compact system using a 3-point linkage arrangement. 

  • Pre-sales support to inform and guide your decisions. Our professional sales associates are always ready to answer your questions and make helpful suggestions, but the ultimate choice always remains yours alone. 

  • Additional after-sale support to allow our customers to gain familiarity with their equipment — and to enjoy a reliable source for parts and repair service when eventually necessary. Consider putting together a quick maintenance package, like a first aid kit for your farming equipment, so you'll always have the most commonly needed replacements close at hand.

Why Buy from Burando Hill? 

Established for more than 40 years, Burando Hill has a sound, demonstrable track record of providing quality, high-value equipment paired with service that makes a difference. Not only can you outfit your operation with new hardware, but you can enjoy an easy way to maintain it, too: don't forget our extensive selection of spare parts. To find out more about how we can help, or to request more information about a Bredal lime spreader for sale, please contact us now.