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Bredal spreaders stand out due to their superior spreading patterns, quality build, isobus control and various features that allow a more precise spread without overlapping wastage. Products used for spreading include lime, fertilizer, sand (top dressing), compost, ashes, powdered materials (with auger) and other types of materials.


For farmers who need spreaders for fertiliser, lime, sand, or other materials, Bredal is a brand you can trust. Durable and built to last, these spreaders are versatile and efficient for a range of agricultural needs. 

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The XE attachment by Bredal has been independently tested by the Australian Fertiliser Standards Association in NSW for spreading urea, and achieved a spreading width of 50 meters. The test was carried out in winds up to 22 km/hr. Trials have also shown it can provide a 24m spread of lime, sand and gypsum. 

The 6 meter XE wing attachment is available with section control via an ISOBUS compatible display. In 10,000 hectares of trials, the average overlap was 1.25 percent. 

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3 Point linkage mounted unit range from 1,500 litres to 4,000 litres. Some F-Series spreaders have ISOBUS control, tilt sensor, weigh scales and different sensors to monitor disc rpm, belt speed and more. There are a variety of options available. Please call us on 1300 287 263 to find out what units are currently available in Australia. 


Our parts support many Bredal Spreaders throughout Australia and we have the right parts on hand at all times. If you experience a breakdown, our experience ensures it is kept to a minimum. 

We generally stock all the wearable parts across several branches. These parts include belts, cogs, chain, sprockets, rollers and more. 

We also have many common Bredal parts available in our webstore!


When your spreader breaks down or you need to find a new one that fits your budget, you want to find an agricultural equipment dealer that can serve all your spreader needs in one location. At Burando Hill, we have new and used spreaders in stock but also provide parts for Bredal spreaders. Whether you need a brand-new spreader or replacement parts, we have got you covered.


Lime: Lime spreaders are ideal for chalky, smaller substances that are easy to spread in large quantities, such as lime or sand for top-dressing. 


Fertiliser: A fertiliser spreader is perhaps the most common spreader we service. These spreaders are designed for long-term, heavy-duty use and are an extremely helpful tool on any farm.

Pull Behind: Both lime and fertiliser spreaders can come in the form of a tow-behind spreader. A tow-behind spreader attaches to your tractor and spreads materials from behind. With simple operation but advanced technology, these are easy to use equipment that you can use for both large- and small-scale needs. Many farmers consider pull behind spreaders a necessary tool. Tow behind spreaders come in various shapes and sizes to suit your services. Find the Spreader or Spreader Part You Need at Burando Hill.