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Stay on track for neater, more precise rows. Stored moisture is often collected and concentrated only in last year's furrow. When seeding, the Protrakker can enable users to follow these pathways and establish a crop on extreme minimum rainfall. Fertility can be raised in repeatable bands rather than attempting to change the entire soil profile, creating huge potential savings. Also dramatically improve trafficability by sowing between stubble rows in high density residue.

  • Eliminate crop damage on sidehills & contours
  • Eliminate overlap & reduce fatigue
  • Compatible with the leading GPS implement steering systems
  • Get sub-inch accuracy & repeatability year after year
  • Universal mounting on almost any tractor drawbar
  • Different models available to suit most modern tractors
  • Robust build and simplicity of design

Popular uses include pull-type sprayers, seeders, tillers and many other applications.


Gain the Advantage

  • Eliminate crop damage from inaccurate tracking
  • Reduce operator fatigue on sidehill slopes and contours
  • Create a more professional row appearance
  • Simplify hookup - Perfectly line up the drawbar using the manual adjustment.

Gain Movement

  • Dual cylinders adjust to either direction in order to keep your implements from trailing into your crops, causing costly damage. You gain as much as 13” of off-line correction in either direction to help you stay on track.

For further information, please contact us, visit the Protrakker website or view the product videos below.

ProTrakker Australian Field Trials

ProTrakker Australian Field Trials - 2014 Update

ProTrakker 300 From The Field

ProTrakker 2-Point Hitch Conversion