Agtron Seeding & Blockage Monitors

Agtron seeding & blockage monitors

ART Seed Sensors measure seed rate and monitor blockages in your seeding equipment.  These sensors have a world-wide reputation for durability, ease of use, accuracy and cost. Used with the ART 160/260 Rate and Blockage Monitors, CAN ART Systems (ISOBUS), and the Legend Wireless System, these ART Seed Sensors provide highly effective technology to prevent unseeded strips during your planting program.  These sensors are available in the following hose sizes (inside diameter):

ART Seed Sensor Part Number

Suitable for Hose Size (Inside Diameter)




30mm/1 3/16”


32mm/1 ¼”


Agtron seeding & blockage monitors

ART 160 Single Loop and ART 260 Dual Loop Rate and Blockage Monitor Kits - Use the ART 160 or ART 260 to confirm your calibration for seed and fertilizer rates. The monitor displays your rate in seeds per acre or pounds per acre. On the blockage side of the monitor, blocked runs are indicated by a number which corresponds to a ART Seed Sensor.  The ART 160 Single Loop system can accommodate up to 120 ART Seed Sensors, and the ART 260 Dual Loop system up to 240 ART Seed Sensors which is more than enough to cope with today’s larger seeding units. These systems also monitor optional sensors including the 4 Channel Shaft Monitor Kit, the Bin Level Sensor Kit, Speed Radar Sensor, and the Hi Speed Inductive Sensor (Fan sensor).  Take the uncertainty out of air cart operation. You will know for sure the seed tank is pressurized and there is no product bridging!

Agtron seeding & blockage monitors

CAN-ART Module (ISOBUS Compatible) – The CAN-ART module allows you to have the same critical rate and blockage information provided by the ART 160/260 systems, displayed on your Case Pro600, John Deere Greenstar 2 or Cat GTA ISOBUS Virtual Terminals -- no need for another monitor in the cab! What is ISOBUS?  It refers to the international electronic standard for agriculture.  As with the ART 160/260 systems, confirm your calibration for seed and fertilizer rates - rate displays are in in seeds per acre or pounds per acre. On the blockage side there are two sensor loops (optional); one for seed and one for fertilizer with 120 sensors per loop.  These systems give you the comfort of knowing for sure that the seed tank is pressurized. 

CAN-ART Upgrade Kits – You have just purchased a new tractor and you now have one of the ISOBUS Virtual Terminals in the cab of your tractor (Case Pro600, John Deere Greenstar 2 or Cat GTA).  You have the ART 160/260 system, but would like to run the system through your virtual terminal.  No problem. We can provide you with a CAN-ART Upgrade Kit for a ART 160/260 System to a CAN-ART Single or Dual Loop system.

“The Legend” Wi-Fi Air Drill Rate & Blockage Monitor – This wireless system ensures that up to 240 seed and fertilizer runs are delivering the right rates, and no blockages! Take the uncertainty out of the seeding operation by detecting high/low/no seed rates.  Use your Android® phone or tablet to keep track of air drill operation with an ‘App’. No wires to the cab or monitoring harnesses!  Use the SEED RATE WIZARD to confirm your kilograms per hectare or seeds per acre calibration for seed and fertilizer.

View our demonstration videos below for assistance with installation and setup. 

- ART 160 / 260 Manual
- CAN-ART Manual
- The Legend WI-FI Manual (V2.2.0)
- List of compatible CANART ISOBUS monitors

- Download The Legend WI-FI App (Android Version Only!) The app is free to download. (V2.2.0)
- Download The Legend WIFI App (Apple products Only!) on the Apple App store (Only iPads, not available for iPhones!). The app is free to download, simply type Agtron in to the search field and select Install.

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